Thursday, February 3, 2011

Well, right now it is the first day of chinese new year. its midnight, so won't be able to recieve any red packets yet. However, i got my "ya shui qian" from my ah ma on the eve! :D thanks ah ma. anyway, this is the year of rabbit, also my hectic year :S its alright, i will walk through smoothly (: I WILL AND I WILL. (: had my lou hei and steamboat just now! :D Wow, i soon gonna have a new cousin-in-law again. anyway, wish them all the best (:
i got to say bye, i need lots of sleep tonight (:


1:15 AM

Friday, December 31, 2010

WOW! today is 31 DECEMBER 2010, the last day of 2010. frankly speaking, it is fantastic year for me. many things had happened. whether it is goood or bad, i will always remember it! :D let me start recalling back and write it down here (: let me start from the beginning of the year.

Janurary: School reopen, entered class 3E3, i'm totally lost as i entered a new class. haha. i remembered i was the last one to enter the class as i followed joey and friends to toilet -.- LOL. then, we started making friends here and there (:

February: CHINESE NEW YEAR! :D xueling, hidayu, joey and i acted out on stage to get Gold total defence badge (: yeah, we were embarrassed but still we took lts of courage to act out! :D we had competition trainings too. get scolding, luaghters here and there :D

March: had umpteens of quarrels and lastly, we broke up. @$!!%%#@! utterly disappointed in him ): SJAB cadets sold chocolate flowers to raise fund! :D then, we got SJAB 2010 annual camp. eventually, we got into the real competition! yeah, we screwed up in foot drill, first aid and home nursing. Amazingly, we got the 1st runner up! :D Hooray! :D celebrated Shirlyn Huang's birthday too! :D

April: went for POA run or something. haha cant remember.

May: MY BIRTHDAY! HOOOOOOORAY! :D at last, i turned 15! :D went out with cousins shopping! :D had mid year examinations. totally screwed. :s had ASIA CONFERENCE 2010! :D

June: school holiday! :D went to Trengganu for 5days 4 nights with sjab cliques! went back to hai nan too! its like my first time! haha

July: Went to SYF! :D 1 week out of school! :D hai nan exchange school programme!

August: SJAB annual prize presentation. went for NDP preview with mummy! YOG! :D WHOOO! yuying centennial concert!

September: first time in universal studio! :D

October: outing with e478! :D out with sjab cliques to marina barrage! ziwei's farewell party! D: Ziwei migrated to Cananda for better future :D went to NYP for attachment to chemical& life sciences

November: had ANCO courses & camp! :D 2 course day + 5 days camp :D had so much fun! had BBQ with ANCO cliques too (:

December: went to KL with parents! :D Sunway Lagoon! :D back to school for many many many trainings. had flag day 2010 @ 4 horse streets & ang mo kio! :D had appreciation party with E478! :D grandma admitted hospital with chest infection D: but she is sooo much better now! :D

So now, i have done reviewing my 2010. what's yours? also, how is my 2011 going to be like? :D will it be better than 2010? :D hope so! :D what's my resolution? :D i shall go and crack my head now (:

Anyway...right now i really want to thank all my family & friends for being part of my life and make it so WOWWW! :D hoping to see you guys soon in 2011! :D everywhere we go, we will see each other. hoping..no more quarrels! :D so people forgive my mistakes that i've done as you guys are forgiven! :D

BYE BYE 2010...HELLO 2011! :D miss you 2010! :D

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY, 2011 will be a better year! :D

10:51 PM

OH YEAH (: now is 12.41 am, 31 december 2010. Hohoho, last day of 2010 ): Boohuu. never mind, 2011 will be a greater year (: just came back from pot luck! hahaha. so cool , i got a body mist (: Spray spray and spray. haha. its fun (: thanks for the present! :D oops! not to forget for the collagen mask haha (: anyway, i enjoyed! Hohoho. (: its so much better than be some where that i dont like. hahahha! :D COOL! :D anyway, hoping that my grandma's health will be improving each day, please Lord give us good news everyday! :D LOL! oh YEAH! :D
anyway...im signing off soon...

Sometimes, i feel my soul shouldn't be existing.
things dont go smoothly, i cant get what i wish to get.
sorry, i want to leave. if possible, i dont wish to get involve in anything unless im being called back.

12:41 AM

Friday, December 10, 2010



HEYYO! :D it has been a loooong time i've posted something. Lol. anyway...ANCO`2010 has ended on 6 December 2010! :D Hoobooo ): its alright, although the camp has ended, the friendship will never end :D Cheers. well, this camp really filled with lots of fun and enjoyment. THIS IS A LEADERSHIP CAMP! Hoho. thank you for the friendships that you people gave. :D I LOVE MY PRESLEY! they're so FUNNY FUNNY and FUNNY! :D we got 2 days courses, 4D 3N camp (: during camp, we woke up super early and got scolding here and here. :/ never mind, tolerate! haha. we were also fed with 4 meals a day. WOW! really wow, my tummy got so bloated ): sadly, i only shit-ed for once ): anyway, i LOVE THE CAMPFIRE THE MOST! haha. everyone gathered and sang...

As we go on,

we remembered all the time we had together

as our life change from whatever,

we'll still be friends forever! :D

finally the last day arrived, and we home sweet home! :D finally i got to shit for an hour. Hohohoho. (:

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

ZIWEI; my SJAB BUDDY is gone! D:
Well, she is going to migrate to Canada. yeah, everybody misses her indeed.
still, we cant change the fact and let her go.
hopefully, she will really enjoy her life there and able to adapt to the environment. (:
we really miss you a lot. you're forever our best friend and the best sjab committee member!
thank you for serving & all the best for you. do come back real soon (: hope we can keep in touch everytime (:

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Monday, September 6, 2010

12:28 AM

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Today is the start of YOG world cultural village day! :D i was really excited, everything went so smoothly! :D i was in the afteroon session, my cliques and i took cab all the way to NIE (: the place were really crowded and we were really looking forward to entertain the athletes. WOW! the athletes are really COOL & FUNNY! (: they were the jokers of the day (: absolutely funny! oh my! i saw hunks and pretty too! LOL. it was pretty hard to communicate with them directly, but was really cool (: they are not only good at sports, but art! hahaha. oh my! i heart them! :D they are just so tall and slim, i want their figures please! ): i hate being short and FAT! ): LOL. Hohoho. the rain were puring heavily and we stood for 6 hours, really tiring. yet, all the sacrifice are worth when the athletes proclaim...I LOVE SINGAPORE! (: feel so proud of my country. hahah (: aww, back home late and i'm tired. shall...i go sleep now? :D E-learning tomorrow, go go go! :D

Hey athletes! :D

best of luck for your competition, never give up when the trial is not over (:

keep on going, you'll then see the results (: most importantly, enjoy your stay in SINGAPORE! :D

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